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IFTAR 2021

Please give POL at least 4 working days notice for iftars as time is required to make bespoke banners. If less than 4 days notice is given POL will pick another day.
Ramadan Rewards:

The Benefits of Giving Iftar

As you are carrying out your Ramadan preparations, keep in mind the many Muslims around the world who are less fortunate than we are. Our Ramadan fasting experience will, in sha’ Allah, be eased by the good Suhur and Iftar we eat daily, and once Ramadan is over, we will no longer be going hungry every day. However, many Muslims are unable to afford the nutritious food they need to sustain them after a hard day of fasting. 

Whether they are refugees who have lost their homes and livelihoods, widows who are struggling to provide for their children, or families devastated by war and conflict, they will be going hungry well beyond iftar time.

Below are the following dates we have spaces left for this years Iftar













For any days missed through necessity, Fidyah is payable

If you are unable to fast due to ill health or old age and cannot make up the fast afterwards, you are required to feed a poor person for one day, this payment is called Fidyah.

The current rate at which this is payable is £2 for two meals (suhoor & iftar) each day to feed someone in the Rohingya camps.


If you were to miss all 30 fasts during Ramadan, your Fidyah amount would total £60 and give one person two meals a day for 30 days.


Cost of 1 fast missed = £2

Cost of 3 fasts missed = £6


For any days missed unnecessarily, Kaffarah is payable

Kaffarah is paid by those who deliberately miss or break a fast in the month of Ramadan without a valid reason.

To atone for the missed/broken fast, a person must either fast continuously for 60 days, or provide 60 poor people with two meals a day.

The current rate at which this is payable is £2 for two meals (suhoor & iftar) each day to feed someone in the Rohingya camps.


It would cost an individual making a Kaffarah payment £120 for each fast missed/broken.


Cost of 1 fast missed/broken = £120

Cost of 3 fasts missed/broken = £360

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