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So, what is it we are planning to do?

There are over 2000 people living in these stricken conditions, in or around the area where the Model City is to be located - stuck in a vicious cycle, desperately trying to free themselves out of the poverty cycle.

We are going to target the areas where there is extreme poverty by building a Model City which will consist of the following:

80 x 1 bedroom homes, to include a separate kitchen, separate bathroom and solar panels for lighting - costing £2,500 per home

20 x 2 bedroom homes incorporating the above - costing £4,000 per home

4 x shops selling fruit and vegetables and retail sale of garments and clothing  - costing - costing £2000 per shop

2 x Masjid - costing £5,000 per Masjid

A school - which will house over 400 children costing £10,000

A hospital - costing £5,000

A community centre - costing £6,000

2 x Water filtration plants - costing £6,000 each

A park and play area - costing £4,000

Be a part of this special project and get in touch to donate and to see how you can help

Purpose Of Life - Model City (Sindh, Pakistan)

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