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JUNE 2020: 
Masjid in the Rohingya Camps!

Purpose of Life has been honoured to build THE largest Masjid in the Rohingya Camps!

Masjid will include washing facilities, Orphanage & a Hifz School! Our largest project costing £17,430!

Great to see the work has finally started & progressing nicely Alhamdulillah ❤️

JAN 2020: 
Rohingya Winter Blanket Appeal

We made it!
A special thank you & well done for your efforts!

Thanks to you, Purpose of Life delivered blankets to the students!

List of blankets:-
(1) School-5= 120 blankets
(2) School-6= 40
(3) School-7= 50
(4) Woman Centre-1= 85
(5) Woman center-2= 48

Total 343 blankets
Total cost £1,715

MAY 2018: 

A huge thank you for all the donations, the wells are gradually increasing! We've hit half a century and aim to achieve 100 by the end of June. A wonderful feast was provided in the honour of a local wedding here in the UK to hundreds of Rohingyans. Big bowls of rice and freshly cut meat were served to those who were fasting in the Rohingyan community.

For those interested in doing the same, please get in touch!

April 2018

Many thanks for all the donations, a staggering 42 water wells have been ordered! We're well underway of putting them in as soon as we can. 23 water wells have been completed, 19 to go!

March 2018

Thank you so much for all the kind donations we are still getting for Rohingya! We are getting requests for water and Purpose of Life is building more water wells!


A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring, or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers.


Sometimes we take clean water for granted. Families in Cox's Bazar do not have access to clean water and they suffer from waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and hepatitis.


Several people have asked me how much it is to install a water well in Bangladesh for the Rohingya.... Only £175! From start to finish!



This is the 11th water well Purpose of Life has installed for the Rohingya People! Thank you all for your kind donations


Sa’d ibn Ubadah reported: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, my mother has died. Shall I give charity on her behalf?” The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Yes.” I said, “Which charity is best?” The Prophet said, “A drink of water.”

January 2018

Just wanted to say a personal thank you to all those that donated to this most needy cause. This was by far the most challenging project POL has undertaken.


Just to update the money was used the following way....


  • 50 Houses: $5,000

  • 5 Mosques: $6,125

  • 3 Schools for girls: $1,800

  • 2 schools for boys: $1,200

  • 10 Water Wells: $2,300

  • 10 Toilets/Showers for woman: $3,000

  • 550 Qur'an: $1,100

  • 1,000 children's learning books: $500

  • 500 of 30th chapter of Qur'an $375

  • 100 Blankets: $1,200

  • Dinner for 300 Ulama People: $500

  • Envelopes of money for single mothers with children total: $2,500

  • Money given to people who just entered Bangladesh from Burma at the border $3,750


*Total: $29,350*


Once we have collated all the pictures and videos we will be making a final video to capture it all for all the kind donators who have trusted us with your money. I have included some of the pictures below which I have managed to upload... 


It takes hours to go through all the material, whilst juggling a full time job please be patient with me, I am hoping to have this completed soon.


May Allah swt accept if from all of us and I pray you are all happy with the way I have utilised the money.

October 2017

Rohingyas are a Muslim minority in Myanmar regarded by many Myanmar Buddhists as illegal migrants from Bangladesh. The Rohingyas have lived in Myanmar for generations and the Bangladesh government has called for Myanmar to take back the refugees. They are denied citizenship in Myanmar and have been described as the world’s most persecuted minority. Rohingyas are persecuted in Myanmar by security forces and Buddhist extremists.


Since the 1970s Rohingya refugees have been coming to Bangladesh from Myanmar. In the 1990s, more than 250,000 resided in refugees camps in Bangladesh. In the early 2000s, all but 20,000 of them were repatriated to Myanmar, some against their will. This respite ended in 2015 and by 2017, an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 Rohinya refugees were in Bangladesh. Most of the refugees are located along the Teknaf-Cox's Bazar highway that is parallel to the Naf River, which is the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Most of the refugees are located in or near Cox's Bazar, a coastal area dependent upon tourism.


Purpose of Life has decided this is a cause that cannot be ignored!

We have decided to go to Cox's Bazar on the 2nd of December 2017 aiming to provide relief with water wells, food, hygiene packs, clothing and we aim to build a mosque for the worshippers.

Purpose of Life is a UK based non-profit charity established in 2014. We are dedicated to providing aid within the UK and throughout the world.


Registered Charity Number: 1165627

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