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Jordan Refugee School

Purpose of Life are building an Education Centre in the holy land of Shaam for Jordanian, Palestinian, Yemeni, Iraqi and Syrian refugees. These refugees are in dire need for basic necessities.

We are honoured in partnering up with the Imam of the Cave of the 7 sleepers (as mentioned in the Qur’an: Surah 18 – Al Kahf). Sheikh Moutasem Al-Hunati Al Kahf who is part of the Al Kahf Foundation is in charge of taking care of the Cave of the 7 Sleepers situated only minutes away from the Education Centre site.

‘Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.’

Using the same principle, we are focusing on teaching life skills to men, women & children eradicating poverty permanently in Jordan.

Jordan Refugee School

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All funds donated will be used solely for the project for which the donation was made. However, if a project is overfunded or there are unforeseen complications then funds will be used for a similar / like for like project.

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