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Yemen Crisis

Due to ongoing armed conflict, displacement, disease and economic decline over a hundred thousand civilians have been killed according to the UN. An estimated 24 million people (80% of the country’s population) are now in need of humanitarian aid to survive – a figure which is the highest across the globe. The economy and infrastructure is crippled and worse still, a famine is leaving thousands of children in several of Yemen’s provinces facing a slow death.

Purpose of Life has launched an emergency food appeal for the people of Yemen that are suffering. You can help today by making a donation at a cost of £25 per food pack.

Yemen Crisis

To donate via BACS transfer please fill out this form (click here)

All funds donated will be used solely for the project for which the donation was made. However, if a project is overfunded or there are unforeseen complications then funds will be used for a similar / like for like project.

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