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Gift of Life

It takes only £150 to help families to provide & sustain themselves by giving them the necessary tools.


India Projects

Two-thirds of people are living in poverty. The country is suffering from a water crisis and needs solutions. Children in millions o...


Having helped refugees in Jordan for the past couple of years, purpose of Life has teamed up with the famous Imaam of the seven slee...

Model City


A vast majority of ...

Mosque (Masjid)

A Masjid is the best of places. There is great reward in building a mosque to seek the pleasure of Allah. The Prophet (peace be upon...

Pakistan Projects

Around 25% of the population are currently too poor to meet even basic needs. Millions of people have no access to clean water and t...

Palestine Projects

According to the United Nations (UN) there are 630 thousand Israeli settlers in Occupied Palestinian Territory with 593 roadblocks a...

Rohingya Projects

Rohingya, a minority ethnic group from the Rakhine province in Myanmar is facing an enormous refugee crisis. Over 1,000,000 Rohingya...

South Africa

53% of SA population lives below the line of poverty.

Of whom over 45% are children under 16.

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Water Projects

We believe everyone has the right to clean water to drink & for hygiene. Only when people have these can they lead healthy, dign...

Yemen Projects

We are facing the worlds biggest humanitarian crisis and Yemen is on the brink of a famine. Millions are at risk of starvation, as f...

Projects around the World

53% of SA population lives below the line of poverty.

Of whom over 45% are children under 16.

Purpose of Life visits orphanages and educational centres in SAfrica to hand deliver food, clothing, beds and books to young vulnerable children.

Purpose of Life helps those who need it, at home and overseas...

The end of our tour of Pakistan
Successful food distribution
Model City Update August
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Gift of Life Carts, Batch 5
New Solar Water Well System
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Newly installed water pump
First Reverse Osmosis & Filtration Water Plant