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Rohingya Projects

Rohingya, a minority ethnic group from the Rakhine province in Myanmar is facing an enormous refugee crisis. Over 1,000,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh and live as refugees in overcrowded camps in locations prone to frequent natural disasters. Many of them are struggling to recover from traumatic experiences and to meet basic needs.

Purpose of Life decided this crisis cannot be ignored. We first travelled to Bangladesh in December 2017 and the UK Team have been several times since to help manage our dedicated team on the ground who are there permanently all year round.

New Water Wells in Rohingya
Brand new water wells built for Rohingya!
2000+ Water System Landmark reached
New water well built in Rohingya!
Rohingya Iftar, Donate today to avoid disappointment
Rohingya receives new water wells!
Rohingya Water Well Update - December 2021
£10,000 RAISED!
1,000 BLANKETS DELIVERED! to the camps
Winter Blanket Appeal
Rohingya Goat Aqiqah (Boy)
Rohingya Goat Aqiqah (Girl)
Rohingya Goat Sadaqah
Rohingya Marriage Donation
Water Well (Rohingya)