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I personally have mixed feelings about this complex subject and sleepless nights thinking about this... WHY? because I’m against wars, especially those that go against the rules of war (attached). I’m against all the wars taking place in recent times led by our own UK government, the majority of which are killing many innocent Muslims.

However, Poppy Appeal is about the remembrance of those who lost their lives in WW1/2 and or were affected... and one major fact is that Muslims fought side by side with the west to eradicate fascism TOGETHER with non-Muslims as brothers with genuine intentions for freedom (including my grandfather, who fought in WW2).

This is us remembering the forgotten heroes both Muslim and non-Muslim who fought in the trenches for the freedom we have today.... a great lesson of unity within humanity which we desperately need today.

We would not have the freedom in the UK which we now enjoy, had it not been for the millions of people that gave up their lives to fight fascism. We are enjoying the fruits of life because of their sacrifices and lest we forget them. That to me is worth remembering ❤

May we be protected against the warmongers and trouble makers who drag innocent people and countries into unjust wars.

Through knowing our history we can learn invaluable lessons.

We all come from the same parents...Adam & Eve... which makes me and you family ❤️