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Some lovely updates from Orphanage 8

❤️Salaams / Peace❤️ Some lovely updates from Orphanage 8/School 5 today...

If anyone wants updates for any of the *EIGHT* orphanages PM me. Website is being worked on.

Thank you for your support.... don’t ever underestimate your contributions. You’re keeping the Rohingyan Race alive... believe me, the struggle is real.

*For my contacts who are Muslims* They (especially the children are relying on us.... and we need to deliver through ACTIONS and not just talk.... just like the prophet pbuh & sahabas did... if we can do it for the dunya then what does your deen deserve?

*Allah swt will be expecting an answer from all of us individually on THAT day* I ask myself.... Do we deserve the same rank in paradise as the sahabas with the life we are living compared to what they gave up? Do you think it’s fair to ask? *I hope we have time to reflect and act if the answer is NO for you also*