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POL recently helped out with Down & Special Friends after their Christmas party had been cancelled. Check out their post below

A fabulous end to a very long day delivering Xmas gifts to our special children of DOWNS & SPECIAL FRIENDS.

Our Xmas party got cancelled at the very last minute due to COVID. We saw how disappointed our children and their parents were.

Step into Santa's bus idea. Thank you to Nisar Bangali of Mini Travel Executive for not just providing a bus for FREE but spending the whole day driving us and delivering the gifts.

Thank you to Sharon Kingswood for her continuous help and for gifting £500 to our group.

Thank you to Sajad Hussain of Purpose Of Life for donating £300 towards today's costs.

Thank you to Saf Laher of Al Mubarak Foundation for donating 100 selection boxes.

Finally, a huge thank you to volunteers such as Sarah Waterhouse, Lee Silkstone, Mariam Laher, Barbara Clewlow and her partner Dave for working tirelessly in the background to make a day like today no ordinary day.

The smile on each child's face says it all.

Thank you to all the families who fed us with Samosas, onion bhajis, pasta, sweet rice and fruit. It meant so much to us. We didn't stop anywhere for food. Your generosity kept us fuelled and energised.