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Unsung Purpose of Life Heroes

THOUSANDS of food parcels have been recently delivered Alhumdulillah, thanks to our amazing volunteers personally delivering every single one of them to the most needy.

A special shout out goes to Mohammed, who works tirelessly by not only working full time at POL but also managing the YORKSHIRE FOODBANK. In addition, he also volunteers on evenings and weekends just to keep up with the demand.

We don’t always regularly post about the work POL does, this is because the team is working hard, ensuring that every single food & hygiene pack goes out on time, as well as making sure all our overseas projects are delivered in a timely manner to a very high standard, that POL expects and demands.

Referrals for the food parcels, come via our own comprehensive database as well as that of Chart Kirklees, DWP, Job Centre etc . Demands for which are continuing to rise.

A special thank you also to all our partners for supporting us throughout these hard times. PURPOSE OF LIFE promises to continue to be a light in this world, both locally and overseas

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