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Why am I smiling?

Fusion Housing (Rizhwan) in Dewsbury called earlier because a Syrian Refugee Family was evicted last minute from temporary accommodation in Huddersfield which resulted in Fusion finding accommodation with no furniture at all including beds which were going to take weeks!

Bearing in mind the lady is 7 1/2 months pregnant and also has a 2 year old daughter! I messaged Ifti/Maj from Highgate/Hyder Beds who kindly donated the beds!

We needed a van to pick them up I asked Zuabair who gave me some contacts of which Asad (Who I don’t know) answered & I explained the situation... he was tied up but was willing to let me pick up his van and complete the delivery on trust! (remember - we don’t know each other!)

Anyways, Fusion rang (Martin & Joe) who managed to get a van and we went to pick up the beds.

Whilst waiting for the beds I spoke to Sana at Hyderbeds who told me she wants to get involved with charity work both locally & abroad and would love to build an Orphanage one day.

We picked up the beds which are being delivered as we speak despite Martin & Joe finishing their shift a long time ago.

Why am I smiling?

Despite the country being in a political mess... The love/community spirit we have in our local community reassures me we can deal with anything because we look out for each other❤️

Purpose of Life is a UK based non-profit charity established in 2014. We are dedicated to providing aid within the UK and throughout the world.


Registered Charity Number: 1165627

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