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Alhumdulillah, the Purpose of Life Team, have got together with the Imam of the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, as mentioned in the Holy Quran at surah 18, for us to be part of a truly remarkable project of establishing a Darool aloom - Quran & Hadith Institution, in the heart of Jordan. 

Jordan is the Gateway to shaam, which includes palestine syria lebanon and Jordan.  This truly is a wonderful opportunity to provide for us and our children the mental & spiritual balance in our life that we are all so desperately seeking.   

This Darul Aloom will offer a path of righteousness for our children and help to alleviate the concerns that all Muslims have about the Islamic wellbeing of our children.  

This darul aloom will be a blessed institution as it will be run by the custodians of sahbe kahf, which is the famous cave mentioned in the holy Quran at surah 18. 

The al Hunaity family will take direct responsibility of overseeing and running the darul aloom with the help of Purpose of Life.  

The darul aloom will be walking distance from the cave, and we will be blessed to have access to the leading international scholarly links of our time like Habib Umar, Muhammed Al-Yaqoubi etc.  

The Darul aloom will be easily accessible from the UK, with cost affective direct flights and will be a a place of spiritual retreat for many of us.  

It will cater for Muslims and non-Muslims, men, women & children of all ages. The teachings will be from world renowned scholars.  

Just like we need to feed the body, we also need to feed the soul.  

The Darul loom will be utilised by our Palestinian brothers & sisters and the many children including the orphans caught up in the devastating conflict in Gaza and beyond.  

Please donate generously as we have £360,000 to raise still!

Darul Uloom New Project with Family of AL-KAHF! in Jordan!

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