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Just wanted to say a personal thank you to all those that donated to this most needy cause. This was by far the most challenging project POL has undertaken.

Just to update the money was used the following way....

  • 50 Houses: $5,000

  • 5 Mosques: $6,125

  • 3 Schools for girls: $1,800

  • 2 schools for boys: $1,200

  • 10 Water Wells: $2,300

  • 10 Toilets/Showers for woman: $3,000

  • 550 Qur'an: $1,100

  • 1,000 children's learning books: $500

  • 500 of 30th chapter of Qur'an $375

  • 100 Blankets: $1,200

  • Dinner for 300 Ulama People: $500

  • Envelopes of money for single mothers with children total: $2,500

  • Money given to people who just entered Bangladesh from Burma at the border $3,750

*Total: $29,350*

Once we have collated all the pictures and videos we will be making a final video to capture it all for all the kind donators who have trusted us with your money. I have included some of the pictures below which I have managed to upload...

It takes hours to go through all the material, whilst juggling a full time job please be patient with me, I am hoping to have this completed soon.

May Allah swt accept if from all of us and I pray you are all happy with the way I have utilised the money.

January 2018

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